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Jan 17, 2009
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I am 2nd dan black belt assisting my assisting my instructor in the philippines.I have been in tkd training for 6 years.I am planning on creating an ebook for taekwondo sparring and sell it with an ebook free training tips.

years ago when i sparred with my training partner i got inspired by realizing how unlimited the positions, stances, movements, counters, attacks, strategies one can use in a match.

Excited of my discovery, i began to self-study and analyze, types of fighters, the movements, the kicks, and almost all situations in a match and made counters and attacks for every one. Then every time a sparred,i remember all wrong techniques I used during the sparring and corrected them, surprising my opponent in the next round of training. I did research on the net, read books, experimented with different techniques, talked with instructors...etc.

then my head was like "Why don't you compile everything you learned in one package and teach em to others!".

The contents are about: general strategies-stances, height advantages, tpyes of players,etc. Movements- the right ones to use at the right times, covers anticipation techniques. Specific and in depth strategies and effective techniques on attacking and counterattacking,clinching, punching, court and time strategies, principles-dos and donts, many more.

Could you comment on these?
-will this information on sparring fill needs? Or is this a waste of time?
-What price would be good enough for you?(i dont know about selling that much, i just want to make excellent tkd fighters have returns for my time and effort.)
-Any suggestions on contents?

please reply.
Thank you!
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