Discussion - 3 - What are the parameters for inclusion here?

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3 - What are the parameters by which we will judge if an art/style/school falls into this catagory?

Please discuss in a polite, non-insulting and non-hostile manner how we may determine which arts belong here.

Please justify your position using references and background information.

Please avoid insulting and disrespectful comments. While some of those named may be controvercial, you can explain explain your position without resorting to insults and similar wording.

Some possible guidelines:
- Is there a link to Japanese Ninjutsu?
- Are the teachings done in a Japanese manner (which would exclude it) or a non-Japanese manner (which would include it)

- What portion of the teachings originate in Japan, and what is non-Japanese?
These are possible guidelines. The subject is open to community debate.

Please be aware that NO Sniping will be tolerated in this discussion. Offenders will be dealt with.
If you see a problem, use the Report to Mod link, and then DO NOT! respond to the sniping. Let US handle it.

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