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Sep 11, 2006
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Technique discussions, pictures and video etc.
By TigerClaw - 04-16-2009 11:22 AM
Originally Posted at: Deluxe Forums


Hello all,

Lets actually have a serious discussion on techniques. I hope to post some pictures and I hope you will also, of yourselves doing techniques.

I am Kung Fu teacher and the perspective I will bring comes from that background. I do this to respond to the implications of some that Kung Fu does not have answers for grappling attacks etc. I also want to share with some of my Kung Fu friends techniques to deal with the growing controverys.

The false claims of some are that Kung Fu has no real answers. But there are many techniques that can be applied in Kung Fu to every situation.

If you want to just mock and stir up controversy, don't come in here. Go start your own thread. (as if that is going to work, oh well, I can only hope the for the best).

I have already posted a RNC escape in another thread. I still have to take pictures of many other techniques.

if you have any suggestions of things you don't believe a Kung Fu practitioner can escape from, post them in here and if i know the technique we can discuss it and post pictures etc.

You know like, a arm bar, or rear naked choke etc .

I may as well post the RNC escape in here as well. By the way, I already know that my son has not locked fully into position. But that is usually when you need to escape or sooner. There are many escapes you can do to prevent even getting to this position, but if you are in it, the techniques needs to be done before he really locks on for a few seconds. Also i did not show the crouching forward and shifting of the hips to avoid a person pulling back. I may have to post another picture of that.








It can also be done almost the same from this position, with slight variations.

I know my son has his legs crossed and there is attacks i can do to the legs to lock them. this is part of one of the escapes. People do cross their legs like this, though wrongly, to try and get control. I am dealing with the average attack, not so much a professional fighter. the odds of meting a pro fighter in the street are not as high as a beginner. But I can post pics of the same technique done with the legs not crossed.


I will say, that yes, the best escape from these attack is before the lock has been tightened and the attacker begins to squeeze. but even if he just starts to lock on, you can escape from my experience that is.

There are other RNC escapes, I may post some of them also. often a combination of techniques needs to be used for certain situations. You may need to shift the hips to the side and strike the groin or elbow the solar plexes, or stomp the instep, to allow a distraction. Hopefully that will cause him to loosen his grip and then all the factors of the move can be done quickly. There are four aspects to remember in this technique, and they all happen at one time.

1. Crouch and shift the hips to the side

2. Press the elbow up and out a an angle

3. Lock the hand behind the head with a tiger claw or eagle claw grip. Chin na type technique.

4. Tuck the head as you quickly drop down and to the side while pressing up and out and pulling the other hand up and forward.

All these aspects need to be done at once.

And, yes I know how to do a proper Rear naked choke escape. I could post pictures of that if I need to.

Also, here is a video clip I found just a while ago, where the person seems to do the technique very similar to me, although he doesn't crouch down and shift to the side as i was explaining.


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