DF: Dragon Gate's Fujita, Yohei abuses small monkey for amusement

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Sep 11, 2006
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Dragon Gate's Fujita, Yohei abuses small monkey for amusement
By LuohanFist - 09-30-2009 10:37 AM
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It appears that Dragon Gate's (Japanese professional wrestling group) Fujita, Yohei, going by the wrestling name Ryoma, has been abusing a small 10 year old pet macaque for amusement, posting descriptions and videos on his blog and youtube channel (now taken down upon realizing that others didn't think it funny.)

The small macaque has been choked, burned with coals, stuck with lit firecrackers, forced to drink alcohol, kept in a small box and sprayed with antiperspirant, and otherwise abused by Fujita for his amusement.


The box where the monkey had been kept:

An article states that the monkey has been taken from Fujita, and adopted by a loving family, but without proof, this seems like a statement to save face in the public eye.

-The macaque had been abused in a most disturbing manner for 10 years.
-An average lifespan of a macaque is 20 to 25 years, meaning the monkey had been abused for about half it's life
-The psychological trauma would make it near impossible for the monkey to integrate into a wild troop, or be a pet for a family, loving or otherwise

Please help by taking a moment and signing this petition. Fujita and the Dragon's Gate were collectively responsible for this abuse. They should have to pay for this heinous crime, and at the very least lose their wrestling licenses (even Michael Vick had to do jail time for animal cruelty.) They are a shame and a disgrace to the sport, and to their country.



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