DF: Should A Dan Level Be Highly Based on Fighting Ability?

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Sep 11, 2006
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Should A Dan Level Be Highly Based on Fighting Ability?
By sojobow - 09-05-2009 03:46 AM
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should a Dan level be highly based on fighting ability?

Here's the old thread question: quote-----Should a Dan level be highly based on fighting ability? I myself have mixed feelings on this. Part of me wants to scream out yes and part of me wants to say no. I've trained with a few people that are really tough and natural fighters but lacked a lot of the proper form/technique. Thing I respect about these kind of people is that I can spar hard with them and not have to worry about complaints.........powerof.....endquote

Couple of posted answers:

quote........It is a problem, mostly with perception of what a bb is by the general public. Each system must set its own standards and ignore the public in today's world. If we were still a warring people, I would say that only fighters can be bb's in any system, but I think that now MA are for more then fighting in many systems - preserving knowledge, history, health, etc. - and a bb that lives up to those ideas is a bb in that system........
I don't like that idea, but it is the reality of today. endquote


quote.....The problem is how do you TEST it???....My feeling is if I REALLY have to fight then I'm going to do as much damage as I possibly can....do you REALLY want to be My sparing partner???....this ISN'T the MMA ring we're talking about now....this is Head take downs and Combat Throws....this isn't jabs...but every time I throw out My hand I'm trying to gouge your eye....shrugs...even in circle drills people got pretty beat up ....and they weren't testing for a belt....I watched a guy shatter someone's cup during a purple belt test.....the intensity goes that high....endquote

Evidently, the last poster had to fight as part of his bb test. Your thoughts - especially those of you at Dan levels.


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