Cult like behavior

Without the credentials, he can't promote others. He is done.

Of course he can promote others! He Just has to invent his own style and join one of those mail order "soke-ship" or "Hall of Fame" outfits. Heck, if he'd pay enough for it, I'd give him a black belt ...or one of those red and white master ones.

Of course I don't hold a black belt in any system (the arts I train don't use a belt system) ...but if he can "clean house" I'm game. Does he do windows too? :D
I feel bad for Ryan, he seems tortured by this.

@Tony, I'm pretty sure you know the parties involved. Ever hear any of this before?
Thanks for that link Tony,
Very interesting read, I have still not made it the whole way through but will.
This appears to have been a much worse experience to ours however there is much that feels familiar.
The difference of perception once you are out is frightening and anyone who has not been in that situation truly will struggle to fully understand.
That transition is horrible however the weight of the world is soon off your shoulders. :)

It's kind of a long read, but the following open letter from Ryan Hall is relevant to the discussion:

The Dangers of Hero Worship: An Open Letter from Ryan Hall | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

He doesn't name names, but folks in the BJJ community will know the specific situation and individuals he is alluding to. Regardless, I think his points are relevant to anyone who encounters a cult-like situation.

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