Wing chun seminar in Tucson


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Mar 14, 2010
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Wing Chun Sifu Augustine Fong of Tucson, Arizona last Sunday finished a very well attended
four day "reunion" seminar in Tucson. It included a Chinese banquet on Saturday evening. I attended the
seminar all day Saturday and the banquet on Saturday evening. Approximately 50 persons attended o Saturday.

There were people from England, Scotland, New Hampshire, New York,Chicago, New Mexico,
California and of course Arizona.The Arizona group included about 10 of Fong sifu's advanced
and experienced students.There were some students from other lineages.

On Saturday's instruction zeroed in on key wing chun principles involved in good chi sao. Chi sao is not fighting
but it involves the closest possible applications of wing chun principles for self defense and fighting.
Fong sifu has been doing wing chun since 1960. His sifu Ho kam Ming who was a very close sudent of Ip Man
began his wing chun in the early 50s.