Creatine, to take or not to take

Not sure if i wanna take it at all, afraid that i will get weaker in the long run from taking it.:hammer:
Creatine is pretty safe, just three amino acids. There are no studies saying that creatine causes liver or kidney damage, it just does the opposite in saying it's good for your health...

I don't take it as a supplement, but if you do, don't take it in a pill form. Powder is best, and look for high-quality creatine, not the cheap stuff. When you use creatine, YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO CYCLE. The negative effects of creatine, from stomach problems to excessive gas, are from using it improperly. Well, creatine causes gas anyway, but it can be reduced greatly.

Go to and check out its forums. They talk a great deal on supplements. Of course, they are bias as a lot of them promote the use of steroids and such, but they have a lot of studies to back up a lot of their claims.
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Hi i used to take creatine about 4 months ago but stoped because the pill form was causing stomach problems. I have been training harder then ever to become a UFC fighter this means my muscles are swore from working out. I just 500g of Creatine MOnohydrate to get stronger but not sure if i should take it. Thinking of my stomach and prehaps the long term problems that no one will know about intil ten years from now. My doctor said its ok to take it but, Is there any risks and what do you think made my stomach all messed up when i was taking it,

If taken correctly you can get massive gains from creatine. Having said that I know a few guys who are monsters and cut who eat the right foods balancing them right and have amazing results. You just need commitment.

Judo to get back on topic if you want to be in UFC your are going to have to pound more then just creatine. If you are around two hundred pounds you need about 5-10 grams a day not 500. If you are taking 500 grams a day you woud be poor in the bathroom sick all day. lol. The loading crap is garbage. In all the time that we have been supplementing wih creatine mainstream (late 90's) there hasn't been one study where the benifits of creatine over a 6 month period are diffrent from loading to not loading. So don't worry about loading just do maintaince. Also the premixed creatine and carbs have wrked the best for me. I have traid just about every brand and I found the best two to be the EAS brand and Cell-Tech.
If you are going to fight in UFC you need to be on a lot of supplements and train for a long time. Sometime along the road you are probabley going to need to hit the juice. Not only that you are going to need to hook up with one of the big name teams or have huge succes at a combt sport. (olympics for, Judo,wrestling) Champion in boxing, kickboxing, MT. Well you get the picture.
for me Ephedrine rocks. I have had some of my best workouts, and best cuts while on it. The only side effects that I had was it made me jittery.
Well that is my 2 cents
Bottom line weather or not supplements are healthy I will argue with anyone anytime that most of them are. There are excetions and there are always rip offs (I am telling you Cell-Tech is the best creatine on the market that I have tried. Anyway If you want to be at the highestlevels ofa sport you need suplimentation.
I know whats in it i have made the mixture myself and there are off brands with the same ingrediants but nothing else gives me the same results.
I defintly second that. In fact I would be surprised if you found a state champ in wrestling or high level highschool kid in any of the major sports on supplements.
This argument of what is good for you and what isn't good for you is never going to be won because there are creditabl sources on each side saying two diffrent things. Bottom line scientists and doctors are split on there feelings of the benifit/risk scale. Anyone that is not arguing to argue can see that. But whatever side of the fence that you are on you have to admit that supplements do work.
Cell tech and nitro-tech are way,way, overpriced all that nitro tech is is whey protein and arginine, Cell tech is sugar ALA and creatine there are better products or products that are just as good for a lot less money. Go to or bodybuilding .com Good lord please quit waisting money on muscle tech garbage.
Don't just talk to a doctor talk to a doctor in sports medicine or a sports nutritionist or a doctor for a pro sports team or division1 college team. Please don't ask a normal; doctor who says you get everything you need from a diet. Also creatine is naturally occuring in red meat by taking extra you are just saturating your muscles in it. Don't eat red meat it might be bad for you and cause kidney failure. hehehe
To be at the highest level of a sport yes you do. Show me one ufc,nfl ,or MLB player who doesn't supplement let alone use steroids.
Funny. While there's been studies showing the benefits from creatine (which has an endogenous, that means your body produces it naturally) and caffeine with no side effects, from proteins there has only been evidence of completing your nutrition when it's lacking in proteins, but no extra benefits in performing. And an overload in liposoluble vitamins may cause some illnesses.

The better thing is to ask a doctor.
Caffeine is also allow in low doses, like say and or two expresso or half liter CocaCola.

And yes, creatine phospate (sp?) is one of the first fuels the muscle use. Complementing with creatine is said to benefit anaerobial exercises and recovery the best.

Anybody with doubts try doing some research in serious medical journals, like the New England Journal of Medicine

But unless you're a pro, you'll benefit more from training, training and more training, proper diet and enough quality sleep, like Kalicombat said.
Originally posted by Bagatha
Creatine Kicks serious butt. I was VERY reluctant at first to even experiment with it until I did some research. Its in your body right now, and its in every meat product you eat, especially beef. I personally have noticed EXTREME results in terms of performance AND recovery. Some will say that it should not help performance by nature, but I have read several articles here on the net regarding experimentation with creatine and football players that proves otherwise. It is a tricky suppliment though, you have to time everything perfectly otherwise it just goes to waste.

Ephedrine is a banned substance in most international events as is other forms of caffiene and even some asthma inhalers. Which is reason enough not to take it if you compete. Creatine as far as I know, is ok.

Yes, yes, yes. You are soooo right.

Regarding proteins, I have just remembered that if you overload on a regular basis you can get uric acid in you blood, which in the past was an ilness of rich people.
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Anyway If you want to be at the highestlevels ofa sport you need suplimentation.

Work hard, work hard, and work harder still. And then, have a genetics that helps in that sport. Supplimentation is not a must.
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Since Kaith seperated it all again. I felt that all the info being dug up was interesting and helpful but now can we do some of that for or against Creatine.

I think JK had a good question here and I have read and heard both positive and negative on Creatine and would like to know if we have any good info on its benifits. Thanks. has a FAQ that appears to be unbiased.

Ray Sahelian, MD (note: developer)
Creatine Guidelines-- updated Jan 2003
At this point I do not recommend anyone younger than 18 to use creatine except under medical supervision. If your personal physician and parents approve your use of creatine, it should only be taken for a brief period of time, such us a couple of months for a particular sports season, and then you should be off it the rest of the year. Daily dosage is best kept to 3 gm, with two days off per week. "
Please check this article out as it appears to come off -very- unbiased and fair, IMHO. Gives both the pros and cons.

Terry Giles (note: developer)
Creatine -
"Creatine is found in a variety of foods in various concentrations - the "richest" source of Creatine is lean red meat. 2.2 lbs. of steak contain approximately 5 grams of Creatine. Vegetarians have been shown to have lower Creatine storages than meat eaters. But just storing, let alone cooking meat, diminishes its Creatine levels. "
Has a lot of information on how it works, and the types.
Doctor Sahelian information seems quite in line with what I have been taught at uni and read elsewhere since.

And as he said,
At this point I do not recommend anyone younger than 18 to use creatine except under medical supervision.
I will apply this counsel to anyone wanting to use it, though.

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