Congratulations Mizu Gami !!



Congratulations are in order to Mizu Gami, aka Sunsu, for attaining the rank of Shodan today!!
I know she's gone to bed hurting after a gruelling test, but those bruises were well earned, and she should be very, very proud of her accomplishment!!! Those Isshin-Ryu folks aren't known for being gentle.

Now, if she can just remember to wear that black belt around her waist, not her neck!!

Wear it with pride, Shodan Sunsu, you deserve it! :asian: :asian: :asian:
ANyone who takes a cruleing test and passes wakes up the next day with a greater understanding of themsleves.
Congratulations on your rank advancement. Shodan is a great step on the way of progression.

Always nice to hear about another Isshinryu Karateka織s advancement.

Keep up the hard work !
congratulations ...
hey those brusies r ur medals, medals of achievement ;)
may be hav more :D ;) j/k

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