Conditioning For Warriors Book


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Apr 18, 2008
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Inland Empire, CA
Has anyone ever seen this MMA fitness book. It was written by Renzo Gracie and is the official training routine of the New York Pitbulls IFL team. I bought it from my local Barnes and Noble a year and a half ago and when I went home from the Desert for R and R last month I dusted it off and took it back with me for some ideas for exercises.

I've found it to be a fairly good way to bolster my overall conditioning, for both military fitness and martial arts fitness.

I started recently integrating the exercises into my different circuit training routines (I use a lot of Crossfit-esque circuits). I especially love the train more with less philosophy, i.e. there are four different range of motion exercises I can do with a 45 lbs plate for shoulder strength and flexibility - crucial for grapple fitness.

Has anyone had any experience with using the routines in the book?