Bruce Lee's Fantastic Comeback -or- New Bruce Lee movie...??


Keil Randor

Interesting tidbit...I'm quoting from the site

"Using computer graphics technology, a South Korean filmmaker is making a $50 million movie that will be the first to feature a long-dead star in a leading role. Chul Shin, a producer of 15 Korean-language films, said he is developing software that will fool audiences into believing they're seeing Bruce Lee in the flesh. ",1412,48449,00.html

Comments? Personally, I think this bodes poorly on the movie industry as a whole...
Nope...looks legit. Wireds got the story, saw it mentioned on and also. Sounds interesting, but just feels, I dunno...wrong?

I don't like it at all it seems a sad way to make money. A computer gereated image of Bruce just isn't the same.
As distasteful as it is.....It's proof that people won't let Bruce rest. what a tribute after all these years huh
Well guys, Linda Caldwell, Bruce (Patron Saint of Self Defense) Lee's wife gave this dude her approval to go ahead with production.

Does that mean she has had a dip in her own morality?

It's not a question of morality for me. It's not going to have that Bruce Lee touch or creativity, it's going to be someone else trying to imitate Bruce.
Well you all know how Game Of Death came out... :erg: