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Hello fellow WC practitioners! I have a question kinda off the side.
In my class, we refer to each other as brothers or sisters(i.e.-brother Josh, sister Jessica,etc.) as a form of respect towards one another. Sifu's are still called Sifu's.
Does anyone elses schools do this?

Thanks for your time and goodluck on your WC training!

Your brother in training:asian:

Black dragon
No we don't refer to each other that way. We just call our instructor Sifu.
in traditional CMA, if your classmate started at the kwoon earlier than you, i.e., they are your senior, you should address him/her as si-hing/si-jair, which literally mean martial older brother/martial older sister


if they are your junior, i.e., if they started learning from your sifu after you joined, then you address them as either si-dai/si-mui, lit. martial younger brother/martial younger sister and they of course address you as either si-hing/si-jair.

so, in a sense, you call each other brother and sister, but in the chinese culture, sibling relationships are further distinguished by older or younger.

Hi There,

We don't. We refer to our teacher as Sifu. But then we refer to each other by first name except for people who are assistant instructors have gotten to the black sash or higher as Mr. <Lastname> or Ms. <Lastname>.
We call each other brothers and sister. Not outside the training.
My sifu doesn't even like to be called "Sifu." We just call him "Anthony."
Thanks for the replies. I said we still call our sifu sifu(i.e.-sifu Dan,sifu John,etc.). It's just the students( such as myself ) who tend to call each other brother or sister. And we don't call them just" brother" or "sister", we say their regular names afterward ( again i.e-brother Stevens, sister Jane). Almost like you would if you lived in a convent.
But again-you don't have to.
Anyway, I appreciate the replies. Being new here, it feels good to converse with other members.
Well, train hard and goodluck.

p.s. what does p.s. stand for?:)
Originally posted by Sharp Phil

My sifu doesn't even like to be called "Sifu." We just call him "Anthony."
Neither does mine. I thought it was strange the first time there.
where i go we call sifu either sifu or sir
and then for then senior students we also call them si-hing or sir
well sometimes its maam or

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