Best training session of my life!!!



Just had to tell everyone on here, I've just had the best training session of my admittedly short MA life!! :D :D :D

Due to a lot of people not being able to make it to training, there were only two of us there, me a lowly yellow belt, and Paul, our Assistant Instructor and Black Belt 2nd Dan.

Talk about your pressure!! LOL

Anyway, we had a great session, worked on a LOT of different stuff and actually did some sparring as well, which scared thepants out of me as Paul is gooooooood at what he does!

I ended up getting the crap beaten out of me....and enjoyed every minute of it!!

I learnt more tonight than I have in a looooong time and it one of those sessions that helps bring you back to reality and also reaffirms why we do it!

Man, I love martial arts, I just wish I'd done it 20 years earlier!
Anyone else ever had "the session?" as I'm now calling it?

Anyway, I'm very stiff, extremely sore and covered in bruises and haven't been happier with it :D so I';m off for a nice long soak in the tub, see you in a couple of hours.....if I make it out again! :p

Thanks for letting me ramble on!

and to make things even better, I've now reached Yellow Belt status on here as well :D

I've had classes before where it's just been me and both of my instructors when I was a beginner. It's fun, because you get to do weird, meticulous, and interesting things that would be very hard to teach if there were lots and lots of people. Classes where there are many people can also be fun, I guess each end has its high points.
The best ive ever done was just 3 of us students. But at my new dojo that happens quite often.
Hey all,

Well for me..the best training session, was actually a seminar we had.. it was in Kosho Ryu.. and we had Grandmaster Richard Buchan come down from Pickering Ont (just outside of Toronto)
IT was a two day session.. and it totally blew my mind away...
I got like 3 hours of sleep between the classes.. It was an amazing experience for me!!!:D

Train hard everyone!!!
I know what you are talking about, I love it when everyone has something else to do on a class day besides me :p

the largest leap in ability from one class was one day we were working on evasive footwork, bobing, slipping/weaving. upped my boxing ability ALOT.
ive been there also. classes like that rule! it's like getting a private lesson. those classes are great for gettting all the attention and learning the most.

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