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This thread was inspired by MinnieMin who made an increadible offer to a Martial Talk member she has never met. This was really touching to read because all too often it appears that people will lock horns on here, and tempers flair.

Did one of the MT members inspire you, assist you, or give you some great advice that worked for you? Have you had the opportunity to meet new people because of this forum? Did a particular post bring a smile to your face?

Share what you consider to be the Best of Martial Talk. :)
I was on E-Budo for a long time (still am, though less now that I have Martial Talk! :D ) and met a good number of people online through that board... A number of them I have actually met in person here in Japan, and I consider all of them to be very good friends... One of them even agreed to teach me! I will likely maintain these friendships for quite a long time, even after I leave Japan... :wah:

Here on Martial Talk, I have met some people that I otherwise would not have (or at least for a very long time... And I have run into folks that know folks that I know. Cool stuff all around.

I use these forums to expand my knowledge, to learn about other things that are out there and available, to develop myself as a student and an instructor.

But I like the friends I meet the best... :)

Sorry, I don't think I have too much specific I can point to. I was pretty happy to see T-shirts made with the board logo made for us to buy. As I've mentioned before in threads on this subject, if I have a chance to get some sort of physical object for a web board or something, I normally do it because I like having a real object as a souvenir from the internet place. I'm glad I found the board because it is a good place to share information and get some help and suggestions. The community here is generally very good, too. My intro on rec.martial-arts got zero response. When I posted it here, I got some nice replies and it encouraged me to keep posting updates about my training. I've been doing so since pretty close to when I started. It's nice to see others who aren't even in the same style taking an interest in my training and following the updates. There seems to be a lot of helpful people here and quite a few people who are experienced in a variety of martial arts. It's always interesting to get comments and viewpoints from people like that with more experience and exposure to things than I have. The longer I stay around some place like a web board, the more I feel like part of the community. I get to know people there and it's always nice to have more acquaintances and contacts. I think that overall being here is a good experience.
This was the first...... and will be the only MA chat or board post website that I will visit..... everyone here has been very helpful and its great to read up about the various other styles of MA.. I believe that there is no superior MA.. just that they are Different..
and the diversity is what makes this website so interesting.. I have gotten many tips (especially in sparring, and it helped) and have been inspired by many.... Why would I go anywhere else???

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