Barr: Barr talks up the LP at UGA

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Sep 11, 2006
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10-28-2008 05:50 PM
Here is more coverage on Bob&#8217;s visit to the University of Georgia from the Red and Black:

&#8220;Third parties are doing our best to open up the system &#8230; and get away from the constraints of the two-party system,&#8221; he said.

The widely traveled nominee has worn many hats, including speaker, columnist and politician, according to the former Georgia congressional representative&#8217;s Web site. Barr officially joined the Libertarian party two years ago.

Barr addressed controversial issues surrounding the presidential debates, tackling concerns about the economy and federal regulation. With the bailout plan in action, Barr said he thinks the government&#8217;s investments in the free market interfere with the nature of the market.

&#8220;The best place to resolve economic issues is in the market place as soon as the free market began to open up, the government stepped in and threw a wet blanket on them,&#8221; he said.

Although American industries and the role of the governments were the center of the discussion, Barr presented issues that he felt both Republican and Democratic candidates avoided, such as privacy - a major issue for the Libertarian Party.

Barr concluded with a positive affirmation of third parties, answering questions from the audience.

&#8220;We are an alternative. We haven&#8217;t always had a party that presents the Libertarian Party as mainstream,&#8221; he said.

Students in the audience seemed to gain a positive perspective and insight. Some students said they came to find solace in their political identification.

&#8220;The Libertarian Party most closely aligns with my own views on politics. I come from a smaller government that&#8217;s less involved economically and socially,&#8221; said Lee Earnest, a sophomore from Cumming.

Others said they hoped to gain a better understanding of third parties in general.

&#8220;I came to check out an alternative to the parties,&#8221; said Chris Hoehner, a sophomore from Alpharetta. &#8220;I definitely have to say the two-party system isn&#8217;t working as it should. I&#8217;d like to see more voices.&#8221;

Bob will speak in Kennesaw, Georgia at Kennesaw State University tomorrow at 3:30pm in the Burruss Building, Room #151.



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