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Sep 11, 2006
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11-02-2008 12:28 PM
Fox 5 Atlanta spoke with Bob yesterday about the election and the difficulties that a third party candidate faces in national campaign:

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr is anticipating Election Day and hitting the campaign trail in the final weekend in is bid for president on the Libertarian bid.

The Georgia conservative said his campaign was running on general principles such as the belief that government programs have grown out of control.

&#8220;The most difficult part of running a third party campaign is the difficulty in raising money,&#8221; said Barr.

Barr said he was fed up with his former Republican Party, the Democrats and the direction of the government.

Barr is running on the Libertarian ticket, in a campaign he said he couldn&#8217;t win.

&#8220;The best analogy is Ross Perot&#8217;s run in 1992, even though he did not gain a single electoral college vote, He was able to gather in a large percentage of the popular vote to guarantee those issues he championed at the time became a part of the national debate,&#8221; said Barr.

Barr said his reasons for being involved in this election was to criticize both the Republicans and the Democrats for government spending, especially for passing the $700 billion financial bailout package.

&#8220;Look at what Senator McCain said today, he&#8217;s in favor of another big, big, bail out. That&#8217;s not what I used to support that&#8217;s not what the party used to support,&#8221; said Barr.

When asked what he expected to hear after the November 4 election Barr said, &#8220;I&#8217;m expecting to hear that Mr. Obama will be elected president of the United States, and I&#8217;m expecting to hear that the Libertarian Party, with me as nominee garnered a significant percentage of the vote here in Georgia and across the country.&#8221;

Barr said he felt that the Libertarian Party would offer a greater philosophical contrast to Democrats than to Republicans. Barr&#8217;s supporters said currently, he had about four percent of the vote in the most recent polls.

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Let&#8217;s send the two major parties a message on November 4th.