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Feb 15, 2011
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These are basic combos I use to help build practical bareknuckle striking skills in both my taekwondo and kickboxing students.Note that both combos can be strung together in a single expression,and allows continuous movement in every direction for rounds.That's very deliberate on my part.Shadowboxing nonstop with this extended combo for five 3 minute rounds really gives you a feel for the movements and instinctive defensive manuevers,as well as opportunites to defend and initiate takedowns,sweeps,trips,throws,escapes,etc etc.

I usually note that the head movement and hand skills of students trained in more traditional dojangs are more than weak,and many Muay Thai guys clearly lack the speed,footwork,combination kicking,depth and variety of kicking arsenal,and most importantly lack sufficient respect for TKD's kicking power and prowess.Most of them are wholly ignorant of TKD's self-defense techs and potency.Soooo I made this video as the first of a small quick series of clips that shows various striking combos that I want my students to practice at home and explains why they work the way that they do.I hope to upload sparring videos of me and my students executing these techs live at full speed (much muuuch different and more potent than anything that you see in these demo's which I very deliberately keep slow and exaggerated so the students can see grasp and execute each move) so the MT crew can see appreciate and critique what we do. I encourage all those who read this post to share with us video of your training too,and hopefully you can find something of value in what I'm showing my crew. Please leave a comment on this thread,and if you would be so kind? PLEASE comment and "like" my videos on my youtube page (if you like it),as it would very much help the profile of my embryonic ATACX GYM TAEKWONDO Channel.Thanks.
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