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in my opinion his questions intended to show others how smart he was not learn something. it got to the point where when he started to ask a question the other students would put their pens and pencil down, learn back in their chairs and talk to their neighbors. Generally, when questions were to gain knowledge others would listen and take notes. His questions were about one-ups-manship look at me in my opinion, not knowledge.
Ah, that is certainly a different dynamic. I see your point now?
I think I would have been fired at my US University if I had tried that. Although there were times I thought it would be appropriate and justified.

Maybe you should have
Maybe. I studied one disipline in college. Engaged in it for several years. Then had an opportunity to teach at a University. I never too an education class before starting teaching. So for me it was On-The-Job training for teaching. I did spend severat years as a student at 3 different Universities. So I had some expectations about how it was done. Like many things I found out doing it was very different from my expectations. But, I learned as I went and would like to think I got better until I retired.

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