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What did y'all wanna be when you were younger, be it Spaceman, Fireman or even a Postman (Hey it happens! :lol: )? And How close did you/Have you come to getting that Job?

I've always wanted to be a Director......cuz lets face it....I love being in control/bossing everyone around! :D

So what was your ambition in life? :asian:

I also wanted to be a cop speaking of which......And I've always had that little dream that every boy has of being a Porn* :rofl:

Just kiddin hehe......Well I mean I have thought about it......But I've never actually.....And I didnt actually........Aww who am I kiddin :shrug:
Fireman. Had trucks, hats, etc all over. Even a little hot wheels
fire station.

I was a volunteer fire fighter, and an EMS tech for 2 years .. got
that all outta my system! :)
I was gonna go to Harvard and become a doctor.

But, I was seven and didn't realize that all I could afford was state college, even with a scholarship. :shrug: So instead I got my state diploma in nursing and passed the boards. Now I get to page doctors on sunday morning right in the middle of their golf game. :lol:

Reality's a *****- deal with it.
My first inclination, from the age of six or seven, was to be a priest..but then I bacame very disillusioned with the church and looked for another way to help others...

So, I decided to become a doctor...until I worked in an extended care facility as a nurse's aid and saw how little the doctors actually interacted with the patients...and I saw how my friend, who was an orthopedic surgeon, who had a lot of stuff but had no time to enjoy it...

So, I decided to be a nurse...went into the Army to save enough for college...while in the Army, worked as a practical nurse...became the NCOIC (manager) of a urology clinic in a community sized hospital...was able to go to the OR with the urologist to assist with surgery...that's when I saw what a nurse anesthetist did and I decided that was the nursing specialty I wanted to get into.

Every time I was offered a desk job, I went back to school...eventually I achieved the goal I had set out for myself...

Along the way I learned a little bit about the martial arts...and the two complement each other very nicely.

After re-reading my post, I must each point where I had to decide, there was a sacrifice to be made...I could have taken the jobs offered, but I was focused on my any fork, had I chosen the other path, I have no idea what I would be doing now.

I always wanted to be a martial arts teacher and a cop. I'm very fortunate. I got to do both.
I always wanted to be a scientist. Well I am an engineer, not quite the same, yet I enjoy it most days.
USMC!! Wanted to be a Marine since watching too many John Wayne movies as a kid. Did it, loved it. Seven years in as a cryptologic linguist and I hear "Thanks for your time but budget cuts are not allowing for re-enlistment in your field." AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Still haven't managed to lose the wander-bug that bit me. Now a days I drive a truck. No office job for me. I'd go stir crazy.
Originally posted by yilisifu
I always wanted to be a martial arts teacher and a cop. I'm very fortunate. I got to do both.

:p :p :p :p :p
It's probably rather appropriate that this is my first post here....
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a garbage man. I thought it was the coolest job, driving around on the back of the truck making as much noise as I wanted to early in the was mortified and were very happy when at about age 6 I decided I wanted to be a soldier instead. Which I was and, since 9/11, am once again. (With stops in between as a sommelier, winemaker, bartender, and restaurant manager) but sometimes I think about how much garbage men make nowadays.....damn!

I wanted to be a Professional Athelete of some sort. Well I'm only 17 so I still could become one. But I'm not nearly good enough. So now I want to be a businessman and a Martial Artist!

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