Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize


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Mar 20, 2004
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Here is a link that lists the past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and what they did to receive it. I'm not for or against Al Gore, but looking through the winners I see no reason why he should not have gotten it.

I think more people object to the award because of who got it, than what was done. I'd be willing to bet that if just the organization got the award and Al Gore's name was no included no one would care that the group got the award for global warming.


Dec 31, 2005
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It shouldn't even be close to surprising. If it interferes with making money it has to be lies and evil. If the truth is, hmm, "inconvenient" you need to slander the person who tells it. And if you don't like what someone says, then whatever he says must be wrong.

And people wonder why the Greedy Old Plutocrats (or is that Gay Old Pedophiles these days?) don't like the - and I quote directly - "reality-based community."

I'm still not sure if you are trying to be serious, or doing a 'The Onion' type schtick by showing that neither left nor right are above the fray when it comes to these games.

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Blotan Hunka

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Dec 15, 2005
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And I think that nobody would care if we objected or complained in regards to one of those other "nobody" Nobel prize winners. People are only upset that its Al we are talking thats a 2 way street.

Were only griping because its Al, you only care because its Al. We only care because we dont believe in the scare mongering hype of global warming, you only care because you do. Blah blah blah.