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While he's stopped posting, some of the tales are rather interesting.

After a few months, things began to sour. It was unfortunate he was unable to find work but even more so that he didn't even bother looking. One thing he did find, however, was alcohol -and lots of it. He decided it was much easier to pass the time drinking 40 ounce malt liquors with his buddies than to actually attempt a productive life. Mom was becoming fed up with him but it wasn't the drunkenness that pushed her over the edge;

It was the rape of his 23 year old mentally challenged sister that did it.

Mom came home to find him and his buddy passed out on the couches. She called police to have him escorted out. While we were on the way, her daughter (and his sister) called her to report he had sexually assaulted her 3 times in the last 2 weeks. One time, her 4 year old son walked in on them in the act. Mother was appalled, furious, and thankful police were there to stop her from fulfilling her own punishment on him.

My Sergeant arrived as backup and kept an eye on the driver while I walked up to the passenger of the SUV. I asked him what happened but he was clueless. On the floor of the vehicle was a couple syringes, a shoelace, and a spoon with a sticky dark residue. I told my Sergeant in police jargon that I had spotted drug paraphernalia in plain view. This provided us with the probable cause to arrest the driver.

This isn't the first time David (Spade) has helped out with the police department. On September 18, 2007 my friend and fellow officer Nick Erfle was shot and killed while on duty. I see Nick's portrait on the memorial wall at my station before every briefing. He left behind a wife and two young sons. David donated $25,000 to Officer Erfle's family when he heard about the killing. I've always thought David was a great comedian and actor but I now believe he's an even greater human being.

There's alot more there, some funny, some serious, some shocking. I suggest everyone who thinks cops are just big bullies, privilege abusers, or there to give you crap take a long read through iit.

Hey guy (and gals). Thank you for what you do, stay safe and come home in 1 piece. I for one appreciate what you do, and the job you do that I couldn't do. :asian:

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