3rd person view



hey guys, have u ever looked at yourself in the mirror while in stance or when sparring? it looks good doesnt it! when i look at the opponent onl, i find it hard to fight. but when i look at the mirror, i find it easier to fight. do any of u feel the same way?
its just like watching a fight, u yell out "uppercut", "jab", "kick" because ur the 3rd person. but when ur in 1st person view, its hard to determine the next move
Another thing you might want to try is to use videotape to record yourself to see how you look and what your form is like after. It's gives a great "3rd person" view.
I hate looking at myself in the mirror. Now that I have some
color on my belt, I'm sometimes stuck up in the front row, so I
can't hide behind the person in front of me, so I won't have to
look at my ugly mug! And I look like a major dork when I do
techs, salutes, forms, etc.
I'm good looking so I don't have that problem.

I never understood why advanced belts went to the front of the class while lower belts were at the back. I think it ought to be the other way around.
Probably so the new peope would mimic the advanced ranks and woudn't have to think for themselves or something crazy like that.

I really don't like looking at myself in a mirror either. The best 3rd person view, IMHO, is a third person watching. Video taping would be interesting as well.

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