I have been watching a lot of Muay Thai fights recently. Those muay thai fighters who also trained in boxing do better than regular muay thai fighters. for example, great legends like Coban Look and Ramon Dekker have won many fights because of knock outs. this is because of their punching skills. muay thai doesnt really focus on much on punches so you need to supplement it with boxing. the knees and kicks do lots of damage to the body but the person is still standing. but a good punch to the face can disable everything. when u get stunned/dizzy, watver its called, ur attacks get sloppy. so ur very vulnerable to the opponent. i have seen a fight between a 2 muay thai fighters.... the Red shorts have a record 54-11-1 and the blue had 32-1-0. the red had more fights but the blue trained in boxing as well as muay thai. the red lost by knock out. he was doing very good but the blue shorts had one good punch. JUST ONE. I started to do better in the ring after i had been boxing for a few months. i have been training in muay thai for a few years already.