1. Ivan

    Knee and Hip Pain

    I know the first thing many of you will say is to go to my GP but that's not really an option during lockdown, and I don't want to worry my parents as I am still at home. So I have been stretching quite often whilst I have been at home, mostly once (or sometimes twice) daily as I want to attain...
  2. Ivan

    The purpose of crescent kicks?

    Is there any point to these kicks? I feel like it's very hard to have any power behind them, and I can only imagine them being used for blocking like in the movies. Do you use any crescent kicks in sparring, and what for?
  3. Ivan

    Feedback on Hook Kick

    I have a video of me doing the hook kick here: How do I improve it? Should I be chambering my leg before extending it or do I continue to pick it up the way I have been up until now? Any other tips? Thanks for your help again guys :)
  4. Ivan

    Help with the Spin Hook/Back Kicks

    My club trains in two variants of the Spin Back Kick. One is spinning whilst keeping the kicking leg straight - I have issues doing this one on both legs as I can't seem to keep it straight for the full rotation and I would like your help to correct this. The other is the Spin Hook Kick - you...
  5. Ivan

    What exactly is the difference between "modern" and "old-school" Taekwondo?

    I have watched a lot of Taekwondo sparring on YouTube, and every time I scroll down the comment section I see comments such as - "Ooh old school Taekwondo was better". I tried to look into this and I found this video: From what I saw, and what the narrator was saying, there was something...
  6. JKDJade

    So Let Me Get This Straight-- Why Don't We Have New Arts?

    Here are some names: Bruce Lee- JKD Ed Parker- Ed Parker Kenpo Bart Vale- Chinese Kenpo Tony Leo- Shuri Shindo Ryu Freedie Lee- Freedie's Modern Fu Al Tracy - Tracy Kenpo Jeff Speakman -Kenpo 5,0 Helio Gracie- BJJ Steve Mohamad- Black Karate Federation Gary Dill- Bushido Kempo/SDS Chuck...
  7. Ivan

    Weird clicking behind kneecap

    I have had this weird clicking behind my knee for at most a year now, and it developed soon after I started Taekwondo. It began when I would get over excited when I was home alone and randomly doing side kicks without having stretched before hand :happy: The clicking has never been painful, but...
  8. F

    Taekwondo class structure

    I have had a tkd gym for about 2.5 years now and i am still struggling with how to run class and finding drills for my students. I personally feel like i am failing my students, cause i haven't seen a lot of improvement in them, which i could blame on them cause some of them arent very motivated...
  9. F

    How to get more students

    so my students for my gym is ruuning pretty low right now, and i was wandering how other people got students. one thing that i have thought about doing is to do door to door sales and offering a really good introductory price if they sign up then. has anyone tried this if so does it work and...
  10. Ivan

    Hip trouble with my round kick and stretching?

    Hello, I have been having trouble with my hips especially when it comes to my roundhouse kick and the box splits. To make sure there is no confusion as to which kick I am referring to, I will post a video here. Even after my warmup exercises I have extreme trouble when it comes to executing a...
  11. Ivan

    Anybody heard of the WRSA board for Tae Kwon Do?

    I started TKD like 6 months ago and getting my yellow belt was way too easy. I know this is a McDojo so I'm gonna leave even though I know my trainer is legit as her technique is perfect, but her school is based on money, money and more money. Only 2 of the black belts deserve their title, and...
  12. K

    Exercises for speed and agility

    Hey all, I'm just getting back into the competitive scene and need help on drills and workouts I can do to improve my kicking speed and overall agility. Also if y'all have any great stretching routines I'd love to hear those too!
  13. K

    Axe Kicks in Karate?

    Ive only recently started my karate training, earning my 6th kyu, but I have my first dan in tangsoo do and gongkwon yusul and my 2nd dan in TKD. I love using axe kicks in Taekwondo sparring but since transitioning to shotokan karate I notice no one throws it. So really my question is in...
  14. K

    TKD Sparring- Why aren't front kicks thrown?

    While the simple answer to why front kicks aren't thrown is that the kick is usually done with the top of the foot and there isn't a scoring area for that kind of front kick. However if the toes are pulled back and the kick is executed with the ball of the foot being the point of impact would...
  15. K

    Sport Poomsae

    I've trained in martial arts since I was four years old. I have my black belt in Taekwondo, Tangsoodo, and GongKwon Yusul and currently my green belt in Shotokan. I used to compete a lot, primarily in sparring but I used to do poomsae as well. However, the last time I competed was the first time...
  16. Coolsweetspiceoflife

    WT-ITF Do I have to start over?

    What's up. I'm a 3rd Dan in World TaeKwonDo. I've been working on my boxing/kickboxing at my local gym. Although it's apparent that I am not a Thai Boxer, I enjoy sparring with KB/Muay Thai/Sanda rules and I see that TKD in fact works when used correctly against these guys. I want to...
  17. ice84

    Fastest Man on the planet for Multipower Brand.

    Hi guys i post this video about my Sifu , If you want have a look comment and please Subscribe to the channel great news upcoming Best regards For any info you can ask to me too Vincenzo Rega
  18. Nikol03

    Together we grow!

    Hi all! I wanna share with you a great news. This year my club where I train is celebrating it's first birth year. We strongly grown and learned a lot. We conquered our fears and weaknesses, perfecting technique, successfully participated in international competitions and the judges were fair...
  19. W

    New to website.

    Hi, My name is Will. I am 14 years old. I am new to this website if you haven't been able to tell from the title. I do Taekwondo and Wing Chun. I just wanted to say hi to everyone who sees this. Over the last 1 and a half years i have loves martial arts more than anything. It really isn't good...
  20. lansao

    Healthy Tension & Limits of Relaxation

    In sampling a few arts, I've heard a variety of thoughts on relaxation and would love to get thoughts on this from an MMA perspective. How relaxed is too relaxed? How much tension is too much tension? What complementary muscle groups do you activate/deactivate in different scenarios?
  21. Chris86

    Hi, I'm new here... just wanted to share a vid of a TKD test

    I'm currently working towards my 3rd dan black belt. I've been taking Taekwondo for 8 1/2 years now. Anyways, here it is:
  22. Magdakar

    tkd and psychology

    Hi eneryone my name is Magda . i am from Greece and i am athlete in ITF. So i need ur help.. I want informations or sources about tkd and psycology (athlete , instructor, after wounding, sparring psychology, psychology and athletes with disabilities, people with stress. etc). This work is for an...
  23. M

    One year...what should I do?

    Hi all, I have a dilemma and I'd love to have your input. I recently relocated, and I'm anxious to delve back in to martial arts. Problem is, I'm here for only a year, and then will be moving on. I really, really don't want to lose martial arts from my life, but making a "commitment" for just...