Yahoo: Sonnen isn't trash talking Silva, just speading the 'truth'

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    Chael Sonnen had to wake up one day and see guys like Dan Hardy and Paul Daley at the front of the line for a title shot and say "hey I can do that." "That" is creating a buzz or gaining the attention of the fans and UFC management. Hardy and Daley have accomplished their meteoric rises up the welterweight ranks with some good wins but more importantly agressive chops. They talk a good game and apparently Sonnen is right with them. He's criticized UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva in the past but these last two weeks, he's been a blow torch.

    That said, Sonnen states this isn't sort of orchestrated campaign.

    "I didn't out anybody. But I discussed them. It's called the truth and it's very new in MMA. I don't think guys are used to it. None of it was rhetoric. None of it would I apologize for. None of it was to hype a fight."

    Sonnen got fans worked into a lather two weeks ago on MMAWeekly Radio when he suggested Silva was a fraud and hated the media. Why is that? Because according to Sonnen, Silva speaks perfect English but hides behind his translator Ed Soares so that he doesn't have to do a ton of media with the English speaking press.

    When asked about Soares, who Sonnen called the "mad scientist," he launched into a verbal tongue lashing asking why the Brazilian manager/translator was even being discussed.

    "Time out. The opinion of Soares does not matter. I can't believe Ed Soares' name came up in an interview. I like the guy, I'm turning on him but frankly that's ridiculous. We don't talk about managers. For God's sake."

    Sonnen went on to repeat what he said to MMAWeekly, that the same media voting Silva No. 1 pound-for-pound doesn't see that the champ is disrespecting them. Sonnen said he spoke with Silva backstage at UFC 102 and "The Spider" spoke fine English.

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