Yahoo: 'Mr. Wonderful' Davis has a star quality, but can he fight?

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    02-04-2010 03:20 PM:[​IMG]The prospects keep coming in the UFC from all backgrounds. Phil Davis, the 2008 NCAA wrestling champ at 197 pounds, is on board after just four MMA fights.

    Davis said there's a huge crew of collegiate wrestlers who may be on the way to MMA in the future.

    "A lot of college wrestlers have the right attitude. They're athletically gifted enough to excel in MMA. There's not necessarily as lucrative career in wrestling."

    The UFC is throwing Davis deep waters against veteran Brian Stann. Davis says he's ready to go and he can deliver a win, he'll be a great ambassador for the sport in the future. He's all over Twitter @philmrwonderful.

    In a "harcore" interview with Cagewriter, Davis elaborates on seven dollar loaves of breads, his weight cutting recipe, large women in stretchy pants at Walmart (pictured), Little Debbie snacks, buying baby oil midnight, Valentine's Day and his arachnaphobia.

    Yahoo! Sports.
    Cagewriter is an MMA blog edited by Steve Cofield.

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