Yahoo: Coleman says a win over Couture gets him a new contact

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    Randy Couture joked during today's press conference about his matchup at UFC 109 against Mark Coleman could've been called the geezer's at Caesar's if the venue was different. The fighters bound for the Octagon at the Mandalay Bay Events Center are a combined 91 years old, so Couture and Coleman both acknowledge that some fans will judge the fight based solely on their advanced ages. But for Coleman, a fight he's been waiting for since 1998, could be a career rebirth some 12 years later.

    "For me this can change my career around," Coleman said during yesterday's workout session. "Win this fight and renegotiate my contract. There's a lot on the line here. This is as big as it gets."

    That makes it easy for Coleman ignore critics on the sport's loudest voice, the Internet.

    "I see a lot of fans bitching and complaining. They just like to complain because that's what they do. Fans like to complain because they're not in the cage, so they can complain. But I think I see them coming around, the closer the fight gets. I think they're getting more excited and do really want to see this."

    Coleman said fighting at 45 is all about your mental attitude.

    "For a lot of people they get to certain age, they give up. 'I'm this old, so i quit.' I don't see it that way. There's unique people out there in every sport and if you're willing to pay the price and stay dedicated [you can do it]. My body is healthy. I love to do this. I don't hold mic[rophones] and interview people, I fight."

    Coleman said he respects Couture but there's no reason he should lose this fight. If he does it's all on him.

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