Yahoo: Will Sonnen have to make a choice - Silva or politics?

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Feb 11, 2010.

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    UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen turned his attention this week to his other career, politics. He made an appearance on "Fox and Friends" this morning on Fox News to kickstart his run for Oregon house. The campaign is a huge undertaking that Sonnen said will take a minimum of $400,000 to execute. It'll be time consuming and Sonnen's MMA training has to take a back seat. Or will it? That may have changed this afternoon.

    Sonnen may have a conundrum on his hands -- continue his run for office or take on UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva, the opponent he's been chasing for years? Silva and the UFC learned today that Vitor Belfort is injured and out of UFC 112.

    It's not a guarantee that Sonnen will be offered the fight. On the surface, it seems like a logical choice. UFC president Dana White promised the winner of Sonnen-Nate Marquardt a shot at the title. Sonnen won decisively and was waiting to see who won between Belfort and Silva on Apr. 10. Realistically, Sonnen may not even be an option. Because of cuts and injuries suffered at UFC 109, he's on medical suspension until Mar. 9. He told Josh Gross of that he wouldn't be back in the gym for at least two weeks, which leaves roughly five weeks to get ready for the fight.

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