Yahoo: Dana White shreds ESPN for covering Walker and Canseco

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    02-05-2010 08:00 AM:He didn't like the idea when it was announced and Dana White is sticking by his thoughts that Herschel Walker in mixed martial arts is not healthy for the sport. Walker was far from embarrassing in his debut last weekend. He carried himself like professional in and out of the cage. He also helped to draw an audience of over 500,000 for a fight card that didn't feature anyone in the amongst the top 15 fighters in the world. White doesn't care about any of that and is irked that television outlets like ESPN are falling over Herschel Walker while virtually ignoring a legend like Randy Couture, who is fighting tomorrow at UFC 109.

    "If we got [a small percentage] of the coverage that we get in Canada here in the U.S. this thing would be bigger than the NFL," said White (0:25 mark). "Dude, on ESPN yesterday, you know what they're talking about all day? On every [expletive] show, they're talking about Herschel Walker versus Jose Canseco. That's how [expletive] up ESPN is."

    White's criticism of ESPN seems odd considering it was just over two weeks ago that the UFC chose to release the news Brock Lesnar's return exclusively to the network.

    "Are you kidding me? You're talking about that?" White then named all of the fighters in his organization that should be getting more coverage. "All these incredible athletes that put all hard work and time and energy into this, you're talking about goofy *** Jose Canseco?"

    The discussion then turned to Kimbo Slice-Walker comparisons. White doesn't believe there's anything to be accomplished here forward by Walker. He also trashed Walker's opponent Greg Nagy calling him a gimme.

    White did confirm that Kimbo is returning at UFC 113 in Montreal against fellow season 10 "Ultimate Fighter" castmate Matt Mitrione.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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