Yahoo: Couture not worried about Tompkins, he's got his secret weapon

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    In the world of MMA, where fighters often change trainers yearly and jump from camp-to-camp, Randy Couture knew he'd run across trainer Shawn Tompkins at some point. Tompkins left Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and now just four months later he's gameplanning for Mark Coleman on how to beat Couture.

    "I wasn't surprised. I knew more than likely when Shawn left for [the] Tapout [Training Center], [Coleman] was gonna turn up over there with Shawn. There are no secrets. If you think you're protecting something you're crazy."

    Couture respects his old buddy Tompkins, but says he can only do so much for Coleman.

    "A lot of this comes down to wrestling and establishing that position. And that's not Shawn's area of expertise anyway. Shawn's a striking guy and a good coach. Good motivator and a good coach, and that's something Mark needs."

    Couture said one of his masterminds is grappling/jiu-jitsu coach Neil Melanson, who's brought a fresh approach the last few years. Melanson works "catch wrestling," learning from fighting legends like Gene LeBell and Gokor Chivichyan. Ron Frazier from Xtreme Couture referenced Melanson as a hidden gem. For folks who know female fighting star Erin Toughhill, she's married to Melanson.

    Couture was also quick to mention his continued growth as a striker because of his work with Gil Martinez.

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