KT:Having it backwards... The cost of FEAR

Discussion in 'KenpoTalk' started by Clark Kent, Oct 21, 2014.

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    Having it backwards... The cost of FEAR
    By Kenposoldier01 - 10-21-2014 06:29 AM
    Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


    Recently I was working with a martial artist who was a high ranking black belt, he had a serious lack of control during technique practice. As long as it was technique practice with a compliant training partner he had no issues striking hard, applying locks and chokes fast and rather rough. I assumed he was a believer in "moving the meat bag" and while it was annoying to have to repeatedly ask him to tone it down on the speed and power during technique practice I really did not dwell on it much until it came time to free spar. The funniest thing happened all of a sudden all the hard striking was gone, all the ferocity and tiger like attitude was replaced with FEAR! As soon as the training partners could hit back all signs of martial arts ability vanished. I saw back peddling to the walls, balling up into the fetal position and looks of horror and dread on the face this man. I was actually astounded this man told me about his life growing up and his old profession which implied a world of experience with actual violence, plus the high ranking black belt, plus all the ferocity during technique practice on compliant partners but the bottom line was this guy was overcome by fear during friendly NHB-style sparring. I don't know if any of you have encountered people like this before but I am curious how you would fix such a person. Do you have any drills to help high ranking black belts get over being paralyzed by fear? I worked a few drills with him and I will break those down in a future post but for now I just want to read your thoughts. (and if any of you know who I am talking about do not mention his name I am not trying to flame him I want to hear your ideas to help such people out not to put anyone down, thanks)


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