Overcoming the fear of sparring a specific opponent, and my bad habits

Discussion in 'Tae-Kwon-Do' started by Ivan, Jun 5, 2019.

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    I agree with that, and I put it to use (when I figured out how to ask for it) in my judo/aikido later in life.

    Doing randori in the beginning, I didn't really know what I was doing, but I was athletic, strong, quick & flexible from all the other stuff so I figured it couldn't be too bad. Famous last words, right... I should have known better, since I did go through the initiation into Muay Thai.

    I was doing randori with my buddy Frank, the school owner, who I'd met at a law school party. Tht's where we worked out that I could teach TKD at his place and trade that off for judo instruction.

    Anyway, I'm doing randori with him, and I'm working hard, trying to work him into a position where I could to the ippon seoinage or Osoto gari combo. A combo he'd taught me, it's important to point out. He's talking to me, talking to other people on the mat, gernally not paying much direct attention specifically to me. I manage to get the combo right once and get the shoulder throw. Frank doesn't even stop his conversation with another black belt about some tip or other the other dude was giving his partner.

    So, I, in my infinite wisdom, say, "Frank, what is this stuff like when it's done full speed?"

    … and he disappeared. Of course, he was still attached d to me, but he'd dropped right between my feet into a double-knee drop seoinage and I went up and over, down flat on my back. It was an impressive Whoomp! I was like... What...? How...? That throw was his pet tournament throw. Didn't hurt, but it did surprise me completely.

    Laughing, he helped me up and said, You've got to be careful what you ask for, and from who you ask it. Yeah, no kidding. He Did slow the throw down, show it to me, tell me how it works, etc. Nice guy.

    Lesson. You learn a lot in very little time working with (note I didn't say fighting with) people much better than you. I suppose that you also learn a lot faster fihting with people better than you, or you get hurt and just stop.
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    Man, I love a good full drop seoi nage. I can't do one - not sure I ever could - but I really like seeing it done. For that matter, I kinda like having it done on me...or, I used to. Not sure I'd enjoy it as much now.

    Still like watching it done to others, though.123

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