KT:Body Mechanics Isolation Training

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    Body Mechanics Isolation Training
    By Dr. Dave in da house - 10-19-2014 12:37 PM
    Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


    JAVELIN Throw Technique : Exercises on the HOP and BLOCK by D.POPPE.m4v - YouTube

    Mr. Parker was a fan of "body mechanics", and their applications to combative motion. Working with the boy on his throwing, came across this... reminded me of previous discussions we have had here, about crossover training. This vid shows a couple of good training tricks for developing kinematic wave formation from the ground, up the body, and out the hand. Same idea can be applied to a nasty overhand right. In fact, reminded me of the overhand right a fellow bouncer used to KO people with, so hard they would slide a few feet along the ground. And after the body stopped sliding, the keys and pocket change would keep going. Would have to pick the KTFO'd dude up, AND find his keys. Another bouncer buddy of mine characterized the classic Steve KO sound (which could be heard over the din of the crowd and bands) as "someone hitting a coconut with a baseball bat".

    Overhead palm-heel/rakes, anybody?


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