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    By DRANKIN - 04-18-2014 04:27 PM
    Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


    Confidence, a word used in just about every martial arts advert I've ever seen.

    Reading a post by Doc talking about someone who wanted to learn "enough to defend himself" made me think of this and post. Doc, you took him literally. I suspect he didn't ask the right question. Regardless, he probably wasn't interested in making the level of commitment you would require from a person that you would agree to teach.

    As humans we are influenced by a persons perceived confidence by default. By how a person carries themselves. It can be a bluff or someone that really believes in his ability to defend himself (whether it's a reality or not).

    Being someone who was bullied and picked on growing up, I came to understand the subtlety during my first year of studying Kenpo. Over the course of a single summer practicing daily by myself (because I had moved to a different state) my whole physical and psychological attitude changed. I was prepared for another year of high school bullying now!

    Side note, I was moved around so much as a kid I never went to the same school for more than a 1yr. The bullies were always the same, just the faces changed.

    Surprise, surprise! I was no longer picked on or bullied... ever again. I was sincerely disappointed, I wanted a chance for retribution. The truth is I probably was only marginally more equipped to defend myself than the year before. But everything changed for me because I now had confidence.

    This can be a benefit of even a McDojo for youngsters. Of course, it can quickly fall on it's face when put to the mat. But, it will, more often than not, prevent the mat from materializing.


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