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    I can see this. A lot of continuous sparring looks like brawls because people throw away their techniques and only use what they comfortable fighting with, which is often basic kicks and punches. I think the "looking like a brawl" puts people off. I think it would be more popular if the participants were actually doing martial arts techniques.

    My opinion is that continuous sparring takes more time and effort to learn how to with martial arts techniques. And the fact that most students don't get a lot of time to practice continuous sparring makes it more difficult for students to compete in it, and show some real martial arts techniques. I can't imagine many parents wanting to see their child brawl. I do think parents will like it if it looked more like this with various degrees of intensity for those who really want to go at it.

    But unfortunately this type of sparring is beyond many children and even some adults because it requires control and an abandonment of "I'm trying to hurt this guy." For those who are of tougher build and have enough experience to protect them selves, they can spar at a higher intensity and through harder shots.

    If they look like the video below, then they have not mastered the techniques enough to actually use martial arts and should be only be able to spar in the less intensive continuous sparring matches. I think the scoring will have to change as well. Big points should be given for the effort the successful attempts and unsuccessful attempts to use a martial arts techniques. I don't think martial arts continuous sparring can be scored the same way as boxing. There can be strike counts but it shouldn't be the only deciding factor. Technique should be a bigger factor, that way someone who just punches and lands street brawling strikes can't outscore someone who does techniques and lands them. Even if their punch count is lower.

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