Bill Mattocks
Feb 8, 2009
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Bill Mattocks

Sr. Grandmaster, Male, from Michigan

Nur alia tago Dec 7, 2015

    1. Bill Mattocks
      Bill Mattocks
      Nur alia tago
    2. Bill Mattocks
      Bill Mattocks
      Ego Principem anatum
    3. Bill Mattocks
      Bill Mattocks
      dux coetus anates
    4. blackswordshinobi
      mr what going on i dont understand message me dude
    5. Manny
    6. Steve
      Bill. Your website is throwing up a 500 internal server error ( I'm pretty sure you already know this, but just in case.
    7. Kong Soo Do
      Kong Soo Do
      Enjoying the discussion on 'pre-emptive' strikes with you in the general section. Seems we're on the same sheet of music.
    8. scottie
      I was lucky enough to hang out with Grand Master Harold Mitchum and Ms Glenda this weekend in Tennessee. They are the coolest people.
    9. qwksilver61
      Mr. Mattocks,would you be so kind as to close or remove my martial talk account,I appreciate it,Thanks
    10. Riptide
      i use to take isshin ryu back when i was 16,wish i had stuck with it back then
    11. seasoned
      4 posts in 3 days. I can only guess you are in the heat of the "moving battle". :) Were thinking of you Bill, and hoping all goes well. Hurry back soon.
    12. celtic_crippler
      Congratulations Bill! You won the poster contest! If you'll PM me a mailing address I'll make sure to get your gift card in the mail today. Thanks!
    13. TheWellWisher
      Noticed you said you were in the military, what trade were you in?
    14. Flea
      Thanks for backing me up on the Rdonovan thing. I hope Bob doesn't take umbrage at the overt hostility, but it really needed to be said.
    15. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
    16. stickarts
      Just stopping in and saying HI!
    17. GBlues
      Yeah my uncle has a well in Arkansas, and man it is the best tasting water I have ever drank. had a real mild sweet taste to it. Man it was so good! So I kind of know what you mean. My opinion, water from a well, is about the best you can drink, it just tastes so good, and smells so clean. Man I love it! LOL!
    18. GBlues
      Hey Bill I just read your Artesian Well, thread. It was really good. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I just wanted to tell, you that the attraction for me was the Artesian Well, because of my drilling background. I just thought I would send you a message about some of the stories about drilling those artesian wells. LOL! They are the scariest wells to drill for waterwell drillers. Especially if your on the residential rigs. Because they do have a lot of pressure, some of them, have an ungodly amount of pressure, almost like a geyser. I've heard stories of drillers hittin' them, and blowing there bushings out of the table a good 20, 30 feet strait up. Now the bushings sit in your table between the hole where the pipe goes and your table, and on the residential rigs, they probably weigh anywhere between 5 and 10lbs not that heavy. But, it's dangerous when you have something falling from 30 ft. that weighs that much, and is a big hunk of steel....obviously of course.
    19. Andy Moynihan
    20. Uchinanchu
      Hello Mr. Mattocks,

      I was currious as to who your sensei is, and if he knows or is affiliated with Angi Uechi sensei? Uechi sensei has run a class on Camp Foster for several years and has had some really great students who have since gone back to the states and possibly teach now themselves.
      Well, keep training, and again, congratulations on your promotion!
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