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    Hi, guys!

    I'm presently living in Korea and looking for a Haedong Gumdo dojang mainly for adults. So, I wonder if any of you, who practiced or is still practicing Haedong Gumdo in Korea could advise me on a reputable teacher or dojang/school :confused: Language of teaching does not matter.
    Also, please, could you briefly describe the differencies between Haedong Gumdo, Iaido and Iwama Aikido (as I'm just a beginner, I cannot grasp them from trailers).
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    I realize that this is an old post, but since nobody has responded, I'll take a shot.

    I've never trianed in it, be it in Korea or anywhere else, so I'll leave that to someone else to answer.

    Haedong/Haidong Gumdo is a modern KSA that draws from gicheon and Shim Gumdo. It was founded in 1983 and has no commonality with Iaido or Iwama Aikido other than that a sword similar to a katana is involved in some way. HDGD claims to focus on battlefield techniques, so while they may focus on drawing and sheathing the sword crisply and accurately, nothing that I have seen in the art has shown that to be a central part of its practice, whereas in iaido, it is a vital part of the art. What I have seen of Aiki ken all involves kumitachi, or partnered kata, while HDGD hyeong are all performed solo.

    False histories and invented social classes along with internal politics and splits have dogged the art.

    What I have seen of HDGD looks like a lot of fun and high level practitioners are beautiful to watch. The art looks like a worthy art to practice, but it really is its own thing and has no commonality with any JSA.

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