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Jul 21, 2017
Mar 5, 2009
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Seattle, WA

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Master of Arts, from Seattle, WA

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Jul 21, 2017
    1. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      I think I got it, or at least enough to satify me, there is a disconnect. sorry I bothered you with this
    2. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Your in box is full

      I watched that again and there seems to be a disconnect somewhere, of course it could be me because I can't listen to the entire narrative, once people start getting into, my fights and what other people say I tend to tune them out.

      I will have to watch it again later when I can focus on it without interruption and force myself to listen to the entire thing
    3. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Your in box is full
      And the last PM you sent in our Bagua conversation was jsut my PM back to me, was that what you intended?
    4. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      I think EF is under a DOS attack, I tried to go there and it is saying to many connections and I have tried 4 times.

      Also your in box for PM is full again
    5. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Your PM Inbox is full
    6. Disco
      Just saw your critique of my post and I'm the one that's confused? Apparently your one of the countless on martialtalk that seem to either have a problem with reading comprehension or you just have a particular agenda to push. Either way, it's no skin off my nose. Ding me all you want, but you've been there and done that, then come back and offer a more educated assessment of the situational subject.
    7. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Very glad to see you are still around
    8. shaolin_al
      so what classes are you taking now currently? besides systema?
    9. shaolin_al
      monk, how are you? you said there is a systema school ur considering? how many miles is 45 mind rive?
    10. BLACK LION
      I do study "Shaolin Chin Na" through text resources... I also studied allot about "pressure points" and accupressure through text resources...
    11. shaolin_al
      LOL, wow you are the first honest person to post in the thread. thanks.
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