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    June is our busiest time of the year. It's one of our two weeks we do Dan testing (the other is in December), and it's the time of our annual picnic.

    Friday night was Dan testing, we got some new 1st and 2nd dans, but got a TON of new 3rd dans. In the 6 years I've been at my dojang, a total of 5 people had been promoted to 3rd dan before this weekend. We had 6 people get their 3rd degree this weekend. That's more than the last several years combined!

    Then we had our picnic and demonstration. For the most part, the demo went well, but I seemed to be cursed. This was my first time participating, as previously I'd taken only an instructor role. My partner for board breaking kicked me instead of the board. Then when it was my turn to kick, instead of doing the Pop 360 Hook Kick, I did the slip-on-the-grass-and-almost-plant-my-butt-on-the-ground. (I did an amazing kick the second try). I also managed to get myself pretty good in the back of the head with the metal nunchucks.

    But it wasn't all bad. We added a "funny" category and a "slow mo" category to our self defense this year, which were both big hits. In the funny category we had tickling, eye pokes, one girl dragging another girl's "dead body" off the mat (these girls are 8 and 9), and two guys who kept stealing each other's wallets. One girl did a slow side kick right in front of her partner's face and took her shoe off, and made her pass out from the smell.

    My partner did one where she grabbed my ear and flipped me over. Then I did where my hand grab defense turned into a dance. I also partnered up with the smallest kid. The first one with him, I grabbed his arm, then he ran between my legs to flip me over. The second one I picked him up, and then flipped him on the way down, and when he landed he flipped me over. (That's a bigger workout than you might expect).

    The last thing we did was board breaking, and I finished off the demo by jumping over 5 people with a flying side kick.

    Overall, it was a great weekend. Lots of new 3rd degree black belts to train with, a great demonstration, and lots of good food at the picnic.
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    Sounds like a great weekend. Funny and Slo-mo sounds interesting and well, funny.123
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