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Oct 1, 2018
Apr 30, 2007
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Oct 22, 1967 (Age: 53)

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Senior Master, Male, 53, from Veracruz,Mexico

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Oct 1, 2018
    1. Daniel Sullivan
      Daniel Sullivan
      Good morning Manny,

      Just dropping by to say hello and to let you know that you and your family are in thought and prayer.

      Peace and blessings to you, my friend!

    2. mastercole
      Manny, if there is one thing that all Taekwondo instructors have in common it is have rough times, at some point, in their Taekwondo business.

      Remember, you always have options. They may not be the most favorable options, or obvious options, but they are there. Once we identify them, it is prudent to decide and act. Try to decide and act with wisdom.

      Warmest Personal Regards ~ Al Cole
    3. Thesemindz
      Hey Manny. You staying safe? I hope things are getting better for you and your famliy.
    4. andyjeffries
      Hey Peter, what is your student's problem with his Achilles? I had insertion tendonopathy in both Achilles due to poor eccentric strength in my calves and a few months of physio therapy completely sorted it out (actually they still feel tired sometimes, but it's a world of difference).
    5. Manny
      Ouch!!! Let me tell you last night class I only did crunches, a very light stretching and taught kicho chodan to my students, we (myself and the class) did not trow a kick, just did basics (kicho chodan) and my foot is ahin, I supose because the pivots on the kicho, so believe me I really understand the pai of your seniur student. However I have to tell you this is not aparting me from TKD, yes if a train I will pay the price so this is why I am only teaching, I can't run and I can't kick high but at least I can pass my knowledge to the new guys. Thank you again and keep kicking!!! Manny
    6. Miles
      It is very hard! My senior student (he is the guy on the right in my avatar) is 4th dan, 55 yrs old with Achilles tendon problem. He can't kick, run, or even pivot on his bad foot. He covered class for me Tuesday night (my daughter had a swim meet) and he can't hardly walk now. I told him to take it easy, but it is hard.
    7. Miles
      Hi Manny! I hope your feet feel better. It is hard changing from student to teacher, but it should be better for your feet. Just remember you don't have to do the same things they are doing, you have to teach.
    8. chungdokwan123
      I liked the title of your post "Tae Kwon Do, pain, and old people". I feel like I fit in really good in that description!
      While I do not experience the cramps that you do, I do have my foot issues. I am diabetic and have to be really careful with my feet. The biggest problem I have now is when it gets cold my feet hurt really bad........and of course we train barefoot. I may eventually have to ask my instructor to allow me to wear my martial arts shoes.

      I'm 45, and my goal is to get my BB........if the body holds out........and to teach kids. That would be awesome.
    9. seasoned
      Thank you Manny for stopping by and commenting on my pics. Martial Arts has been my life, train hard and respect yourself and others, would be my recipe for a fruitful life. :)
    10. Live True
      Live True
      Well, you've identified stress and love of food as two components, so that's a great start. I love food too, and I LOVE to cook...but I'm finding ways to make that a benefit instead of a liability. Trying new foods and ways to cook them, and utilizing ways to enhance flavour and "filling" so I don't eat as much or cut calories (like using feta on salads or pasta...the taste is stronger, so you don't use as much. I'm in the midst of the battle of the bulge if you want...glad to share tips and encouragement!
    11. Live True
      Live True
      hey Manny, just read your post about losing weight...I'm with ya and wish you luck and determination! Sounds like you are doing all the right things!
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    Oct 22, 1967 (Age: 53)
    Right now training TKD and learning Kenpo Karate
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