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Been reading Tom Bisio’s book “Xing Yi Quan: Art of Inner Transformation

it is nothing new or Earth shattering, but it is rather interesting and got me thinking about Xingyiquan, it health benefits and the possibility of me training it again. It is a very good book and I do recommend it, it has its bits that are good to know about, but if you have read many books on Xingyiquan you will see things you have read before.

I have been standing in Santi Shi, but not doing any xingyi stepping because of my knee and this long recovery process. I have been working on Yang Taijiquan, but it is not easy with the new knee just yet.

Today I decided to try Xingyiquan stepping just to see how it feels with the knee. Much to my surprise, it is easier to do xingyi footwork (Chicken step) than the footwork (cat walk) with Yang Taijiquan. Of course the Xingyiqaun is not to speed or full power, but I was surprised it was easier than taijiquan.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not comfortable with the knee, but it is more comfortable than Yang has been.

I think I will see where this goes.

Also Note that what Tom Bisio is does is Shanxi style and I have trained mostly Hebei and a bit of Shang (basically a subset of Hebei) and Wudang


Hebei Santi Shi


Shanxi Santi Shi

I’m done….


I have been intrigued by Dachangquan/Yiquan for some time now. And since it comes from Xingyiquan I decided I wanted to have a standing routine and I rather like this one I just started today. Nothing extensive, still dealing with the dang knee, but 3 minutes a posture for now, going to add more time as time passes. But this type of training is not done quickly.

Wuji standing to Zhan Zhaung to what I call Bear standing, but may be ape standing. to Sun style Wuji to Santi shi right, then santi shi left


Wuji Standing


Zhan Zhuang


Bear/Ape standing ?


Sun Style Wuji Standing


Santi Shi left
Have to admit that this standing practice is leaning me in the direction of Yiquan/Dachangquan..... Think I need to reread Ling Seto's book Yiquan 360

I'm beginning to wonder if this is not a natural progression thing for me from Xingyiquan to Yiquan
Should also add the only official Yiquan/Dachengquan training I have had comes form about 4 short seminars and a rather amazing push hands opportunity with Wang Rengang
Coming from the Han Family Yiquan system I can highly recommend the James Carss material. It's very old school and more representative of Han Xing Yuan's teaching. Good, fighty stuff.

I personally practice from Han Xing Qiao's material and love the changes it made to my Bagua and Xingyi. This is a standing set from the Hong Kong Yiquan Association that's the closest I've seen to what I do.


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