Was feeling sorry for myself

Was feeling low, depressed and probably a bit sorry for myself this evening, and pretty much convinced my martial arts days were over. Knee was still not great, could not do the amount of required exercise today because I'm working from home and work kept bugging me, could not walk right, knee was getting as stiff as it was before the manipulation, thinking knee replacement was one of the worst decisions of my life...

I decided to go down stairs, had not tried stairs since Friday, and try the reclining bicycle, but I could not get a full revolution, that I could get prior to the manipulation either....

Decided to look for music and came across something I had not heard in a long time, and then a few more I had not heard in a long time. in this order

And then just cause, after I was done I played this


Ended up getting thought a full revolution on the bike, forwards and backwards, actually did 10 minutes, I usually do 8. Then went to the weight bench and did some dumbbell work, heavier that I was doing (no where near as heavy as I was working with before all this knee stuff in my late 40s) but heavier than I was

And.... I feel better now, dang knee is still not right, but I'm still working on it...and I have more rounds of knee exercises to do tonight.....


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