Training CMA - an update

Now trying to figure out how to work with Wing Chun when I can't get back to my sifu or class until June. I have Sil Lim Tao, 4 turning drills, and that's about it. Working on the heavy bag with punching and thinking of getting an attachment for the heavy bag that is like the upper part of a mook. This however does not allow me to work on the kicks my Sifu showed me on the mook.

Taijiquan, I am right back to where I seem to get a lot over the past few years, having trouble getting myself to work on anything Yang style. Been doing it for 30 years and I just don't seem to have the drive to train it these days. Was working with the CMC sword form as it comes from William CC Chen, and I enjoy it, but it is just another version of the Yang Jian and I m not sure I will continue. I will continue the Applications and push hands class though that actually will work across styles.

I may have located a Shanxi style Xingyiquan Shifu about 1 hour west of me, but I am not even sure I will look into this any further. Have to wait until spring anyway, if he is there, he is in the Berkshire mountains and winters can be rough there

Thinking about delving deeper into Sun style, but all I know is a short form, that is from a teacher who was good at teaching and appeared to understand the style, but he does have a bit of a questionable reputation. I want the traditional form, as if comes from teh Sun Family and as far as I can tell there are only 2 teachers on my side of the country, both about 3.5 hours from me, one east of me and one south east of me. My first shifu knows the competition form, but he was semi retired before the pandemic, I'm not sure if he is teaching at all now, or if he is teaching, if he is teaching the Sun form. He knows mostly competition forms of multiple CMA styles. The last time I saw him, I had just started JKD and we were talking about training and he told me then that I was too old to train JKD, that was for young men. not old men like us.. He is about 10 years older than I am :)

I'm Done.


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I may have also just located a Liang style Baguazhang teacher about 45 minutes from my house. Look into that more in the spring, if the knees are holding up ok

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