The knee sagas, continued

Went to the MD/Surgeon last Friday. Every new (mechanical) part of my new knee is fine. Could be scar tissue, but he does not think it is all that major. However there is swelling, and since I'm old, and do have some varicose veins it may take much longer for the swelling to go down, or it could become chronic. It is an appliance which has been installed in my leg that my body is not happy about, hopefully things will calm down.

He did ask me if I was doing any stationary bike, I told him yes, twice a day. He said "Stop" do it only once a day, you are likely causing inflammation doing bike twice a day. Also my instructions to set the seat as far back as I can, peddle 5 minutes for warm up, then move it closer, peddle 5 minutes, repeat but only do this for 15 to 20 minutes total.

Also he checked my range of motion, I was 5 degrees off of straight and I was able to bend to 105 degrees, without warm up after sitting for almost 2 hours. When I forced it a bit I got to 110. He said most don't get that far, but 115 is the goal. So flexibility is OK as far as he was concerned

I told him I was doing strengthening exercises form physical therapy as well, he did not care about those. Also was told that the hardest things to get back were walking down stairs and kneeling, and that I may never get kneeling back.

Resault; this may improve, or this may be the way it is for the rest of my life. So, with that in mind, I better get moving and get use to it. So last night I spent some time working on JKD footwork, nothing strenuous, the step slide forward and backward thing. And then Xingyiquan footwork, aka the chicken step. Then did what I could of the short Sun taijiquan form I know, 24 form and the Traditional Yang long form. I did not complete any of them, but I worked on them

So now it is time to work on getting back and recovery, or as least as much recovery as I can get. since all my new parts appear to be in the proper place I am not worried about those.

Well, I have some training to do,

I'm done


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