Night Two ...

No other martial art to compete with on Wednesdays, so I had the kids movement class next door followed by belly dancing.

And the room wasn't ready again, so we spent 15 minutes helping the center staff move them out.

One little guy is such a character - he's funny ... a class clown and he's uncoordinated with a capital U. He can't seem to run the length of the classroom without falling down, so with the absence of the autistic boy last night, this one became my workout buddy! We worked on picking up our feet when we run and when he kept skipping out on warmups (water, bathroom, etcetera) he had to catch up and do the missed exercises anyway. He's not strong, so the combat crawl is extremely difficult for him and he stops to rest after two pulls ... so I walk or crawl behind him and nudge him on ... touch the back of his leg or his waist with my toes. One thing that worked well was giving him a real-life use for what he was doing - I told him to pretend his house was on fire and he had to get out in a hurry by staying low and scooting as fast as he could. This helped him a lot - he actually finished the exercise ... I've not seen him do that before. My reward came with the "You're the bestest teacher EVER" during laps and the solo hug after all had left saying, "I'm sorry I'm so much trouble. I'm gonna try harder next time."


Heh heh heh.

My youngest got humbled by my Japanese student who has better focus, technique and aim than he does - she is seven and quite petite ... he is 10 and is darn near as tall as me. I told him he was to get his refresher from her as she clearly practices every day. He didn't like that, but found her to be a good partner for learning.

All of these kids are so engaging and improve all the time ... it's awesome!

My teen was pre-tested last night, much to her chagrine and surprise ... but she did quite well - so well, I gave her three more kwon bop and told her I'd be putting her on the adult syllabus without question. Then, I pushed her form-wise ... she has the classic female error of hyperextending when she punches and strikes the focus pads with the middle knuckle mainly, so we worked on that. I *heard* her knee snap on the chop kick (roundhouse) and we worked on correcting that.

I'm noticing the basketball-style floor (hard wood laid over concrete slab) is difficult for the students to pivot on for reverse kicks, so we'll have to address that somehow.

I have five days off to haggle about storage, gather more materials and hand out flyers.

Getting excited!


I have been reading your blog tonight and I really appreciate your upbeat personality and positive attitude. You have brightened an otherwise dour and stale night shift.

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