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  • I admitI haven't been training a lot lately, I have been working a lot with everyone in the group taking time off. I'll work 21 days with one day off (Christmas day itsself). Once the holidays are done I'm going to kick the training into a higher gear. Hopefully it'll get rid of this winter cloud I've been under for a few years.

    I'm in SLC and a drive to anywhere outside the valley is impractivcal until I can afford a better vehicle in the spring. But I'd love to train with Ron again whenever possible. TAlk to you soon.
    How goes the training? As I mentioned before Ron Holt is a Genbukan Sandan and his is actively teaching near Weber State University in Ogden. He is a former student of John Jensen's and a friend of mine is taking lessons from him and he made it up to 2nd or 3rd kyu under John before he disappeared into the land of potatos (Idaho) and he likes Ron's teaching.
    I am a Staff Sergeant right now with the Colorado Army Guard but am in the process of returning to my roots, Air Force Security Forces. I have been in about 14 years so another long enlistment and I will be ready to retire from at least one job.

    Full time I am a Police Officer in Southern Colorado and really enjoying it; I sometimes get to put my MA hobbies to good use though I am actually impressed with the proprietary police combatives that we use (very functional, if basic).

    I was the Karate guy who would show up in John's classes twice a week, half way through the class. I was used as the badguy in most of John's field activities and sometimes got to spar/randori with the class.
    Are you originally from Utah and how are you "missing" a knee? What school of ninjutsu do you study?
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