Doubling Down

I knew it wouldn't last..... as did just about anybody who has known me for a few years..... there has been a new development...

I am seriously considering Xingyiquan....again...
I am using the excuse that someone is trying to tell me something....or possibly teach me a lesson....

My local Xingyi shifu is supposed to have a class next month..... and I just discovered another teacher I had, in the past, is doing an online course, in the basics, next month. I have been debating on going to the local teacher, and with the addition of another teacher doing an online thing..... I now think I will do both...... the local teacher is big on applications and usage, the online is big on drills.... a lot of drills...and is more traditional in his approach...

Arthritis in the hips, and one knee, a wrist with arthritis and a bone spur, a fake knee, going to an MD, next month, who will tell me I need a hip replaced..and I'm over 60 years old.... and I'm seriously considering doing both.... yes...even I think I should seek professional help..... before I need professional medical help..... but even with that.... I'm going to give it a try...... but I think this can go only 1 of 2 ways..... get me back to some serious Xingyiquan.....or beat it out of me..... but addictions will do this to you...... I'll let you know how it all goes... assuming I'm still able to...come December....

I'm done


Well.... my shifu locally will not be having the class... only had one person the taijiquan applications and push hands class will be going on at least until the end of the year. I may just bury myself in taijiquan.

Also, I have a bone spur in my wrist, I see the specialist on the 31st, we will see what he says.

So it could be someone is trying to teach me a lesson

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