Yahoo: Hughes ready to beat up more 'old' guys

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Sep 11, 2006
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02-02-2010 06:25 PM:

UFC 109's main event features two guys who are a combined 91 years old, so it's bit odd to hear 35-year-old Matt Hughes joke about his reasoning in accepting a fight against Renzo Gracie at UFC 112.

"Cause he's older than I am to be honest," joked Hughes about the 43-year-old Gracie.

Hughes did say his motivation will have to come from a different area for this fight because unlike some of the guys he's faced in the past he really likes Gracie.

"The only bad thing about fighting Renzo is he's such a nice guy. It's easy to get motivated to fight somebody like Matt Serra, but Renzo, great guy."

A little heat should develop as the fight approaches. Serra is a Gracie disciple and Hughes ran over Renzo's cousin Royce at UFC 63.

Hughes told reporters he'll start hard training this week for the Apr. 10 fight. He's looking forward to fighting in the UAE but admitted his wife is little worried about his safety traveling to the middle east.

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