Yahoo: Attention-starved Jose Canseco calls out Herschel Walker

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Sep 11, 2006
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02-02-2010 04:10 PM:Now we see the downside of Herschel Walker's mixed martial arts victory on Saturday night. Every celebrity wannabe fighter has dollar signs in their eyes. Former major league baseball slugger Jose Canseco, who is never one to shy away from some pubicity, or cash for that matter, called out the 47-year-old Walker via Twitter.

Canseco, 45, is grasping at straws. This fight will never happen. The guess here is, Walker out of loyalty, will only fight under the Strikeforce banner. Sure Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker likes a good promotion, but he has more respect for the integrity of the sport. In MMA circles, a Canseco-Walker fight is barely one step above a "Screech versus Horseshack" fight.

There's also little chance Walker would take the fight. He said hundreds of times during the lead-up to the fight how much respect he has for the sport. Walker put a successful business on hold, moved to San Jose, Ca. and trained for three months at renowned MMA gym, American Kickboxing Academy. He's not financially strapped like Canseco and is unlikely to take part in what would be a circus.

The fight would also have trouble getting licensed in the United States. Walker's performance against Greg Nagy indicates Canseco would be in grave danger if he faced the former college football and NFL star. Canseco's fighting experience is limited to an exhibition boxing loss to NFL player Vai Sikahema and a draw against fellow fighting wannabe, 5-foot-7, 180-lb. Danny Bonaduce. Canseco also lost his only "pro" MMA fight in 76 seconds against Hong Man Choi.

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