Yahoo: Carwin's brimming with confidence heading towards a Lesnar fight

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Sep 11, 2006
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03-28-2010 06:50 AM:

Shane Carwin has been waiting for his shot at Brock Lesnar for a long time. He was scheduled to face the UFC heavyweight champ in November. That was until Lesnar came down with a severe stomach ailment. Lesnar was on the shelf and the UFC scheduled a fight for Carwin against former heavyweight champ Frank Mir. Carwin disposed of Mir last night inside of four minutes.

I was definitely a little more nervous this time than I tend to be. It could've been the year off," said Carwin, who last fought at UFC 96 in Columbus last March.

Carwin also showed his sensitive side.

"The other thing was my wife had to stay at home with our new daughter. She's usually here all week and makes me laugh and keeps me very calm."

Carwin said he was also calm because he had a good gameplan that included getting Mir to the cage, using his power and inflicting some damage.

"When I go in there, I go in there to destroy guys. I don't look to eek out victories."

Now Carwin knows he's guaranteed his shot at Lesnar and the title mostly likely on July 3rd in Las Vegas.

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